In this post Im going to address some points surrounding a question that I get asked fairly frequently from my clients. If you

want to make the most of your session please consider a few things that may help you get the best photos possible, whether it’s

on your wedding day, during family photos or even at a mini session!



Be Prepared!

 Showing up to your session prepared isn’t only ideal, it′s necessary for a great outcome.

• Coordinate outfits & put some thoughts into them

• Make sure babies & kids are well fed and have had enough sleep

• Wipe boogies & clean bums… need I say more?

•  If the session is in your home, consider how you’d like that to be reflected in your photos

• Declutter the space you’d like to use, open blinds; photographers love clean, light filled rooms and will almost always choose to

photograph you there



Be Present!

  Booking a portrait session isn’t just about getting your picture taken. You are actually making some

really great memories with the people you care most about. So just live it up, snuggle up, and soak it all in. Try not to worry about

 your hair and if it′s messy from the wind ( Because I′m secretly so pumped when it is!)



Be Happy!

The best sessions always come from relaxed & happy people who are honest with their connection as a couple and with their

kids. This doesn’t mean always smiling for the camera, just do you and the photos will reflect those exact moments! Try to

develop a connection with your photographer, the more you can relate to one another, the more relaxed you’ll both be resulting

in better photos – for real!



Trust your Photographer!

 If you show up and want to re-create a bunch of photos the you found on Pinterest then I can do that. But I can guarantee that

you’re not going to love and relive them the same as you would with moments that are genuine. The more we (photographers)

focus on a shot list, the less we focus on whats happening in front of us.  You chose your photographer for a reason, now you

need to sit back and let them do their thing. The results may very likely be Pinterst worthy ?



Don′t Sweat It!

 Its okay if your kids are acting like maniacs! I promise you, Ive seen it all! I have chosen to photograph families because I love the

silly, messy chaos that comes with it. Plus, you’d be surprised how beautiful photos can be taken even while the chaos ensues.




 Like all great relationships, communication with your photographer is key. Talk to your photographer and ask questions before

your session, plan what you’d like to do at your session and get on the same page. You won’t be a bother, we are just as excited

as you and love the entire process!



Bring Snacks & Go with the Flow

 Yep, bribe your kids. Im all for it. Lets just try to keep em happy ?

With kids that don’t want to sit still or take bribes, thats okay! In fact I just follow their lead and snap shots along the way, and

very often we end up in the coolest little spots that I never would have thought to take you.



Light over Location!

 It happens all the time. The ’perfect′ location with a great view in the background, but the light isn’t quite right. I′ll still get a

photo of you there if thats what you want (this is your photoshoot after all!) but as a photographer Im searching for the most

perfect light because thats what separates an okay photo from a great photo. Which leads me back to trusting your





If you’ve made it this far,  congratulations!  You’re going to have an amazing photoshoot! Feel free to keep scrolling through for

more cute pictures of this sweet family.

Thanks so much for reading,