Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I guess you’re here to learn a little about me…

First off, my name is Heather (so nice to meet you!). I am a wife and a mother of two boys. I’m super passionate about animals, including local wildlife (I will seriously try to rescue any critter in need… spiders, ants, raccoons you name it) and love a good adventure. I’m also really bad at telling jokes, and will definitely laugh when I think I’ve said something funny, so beware of that.

My approach to portrait photography is very candid; as in, not a lot of posing. If you book a session with me expect to go for a walk or do something you and your family enjoy! Weddings are a very similar approach. I will sit back and capture fleeting moments as they unfold occasionally I will redirect you into better light, or a less cluttered area if it feels necessary. Feel free to check out the blog and gallery page to get an idea of my style.

Lets chat to start planning your next session!