After finding a really great deal on flights with Swoop– An ultra-low fare airline -we decided to take the plunge and book our first (definitely not our last) trip to the pacific coast of Mexico. We prefer to travel to places a little less known and were a bit apprehensive when planning a trip to Mexico. I have always assumed there were tons of resorts all along the coasts, and that feeling like a tourist would be unavoidable. While I’m sure there are a lot of resorts we didn’t see many on our travels. We stayed near the funkiest little town that was so full of colour, culture, delicious cuisine, incredible people and happy dogs. The good vibes there were undeniable, I couldn’t help but grin foolishly from ear to ear while we wandered the narrow cobblestone streets. It was an incredibly busy time of year which brings a lot of Mexican tourists to the coasts to celebrate Easter. In many places in Mexico, Easter is a 2 week celebration!
Normally when we travel we like to avoid places with lots of people, and traveling over Easter made us a little wary, we were warned about how busy things get there at that time of year…but we were so drawn to the energy and people of San Pancho that we kept finding ourselves exploring the little town! I got so caught up in the moment taking in the sights, sounds, and delicious smells wafting from all the restaurants that I literally forgot to take pictures there. I’m super sad about that now, but have such fond memories that will stay in my mind forever (I guess we will just have to go back!).   

Trip highlights: 

 • Our incredible accommodation, Tailwind Jungle Lodge  

• Hiking to & visiting the pristine secret beach near our accommodation (Seriously the most beautiful beach we have ever been to!)

• Visiting the ancient Altavista petroglyphs – More info can be found HERE

• Standing inside the Ceburuco Volcano & steaming fumaroles – Ceburuco info HERE 

• Hiking to Cascada El Cora (El Cora Waterfall) and swimming in the falls, we were the only ones there!  

• Going to Playa Los Tortugas, a gorgeous natural beach that is known for nesting sea turtles (minus getting our truck stuck in the sand and being stranded for 7 hours waiting for a tow truck!) 

• Finding crocodiles in San Blas

• The nightly visits to our casita by an adorable family of coatimundi (sort of a monkey-raccoon, haha!)

• Hanging out in San Pancho & shopping fresh foods and handmade items at the farmers market 

• Eating all the delicious food