Sometimes when I’m in need of a little inspirational boost I revisit older sessions and it’s just so good for my soul. Reminding myself of where I came from and how far I’ve come on my photography journey. For a long time I lost that feeling that made me feel so alive and motivated to create and shoot, but I made a decision to stop comparing myself to others and do my own thing.

I want to shoot weddings, families, nature, landscapes, personal portraits… and I’m doing it all! Why limit myself to just weddings when I find so much inspiration in all things photography? One type of session only drives me to do better with other sessions. I don’t feel burnt out, I just feel excited and passionate every time I pick up my camera  🙂

I was afraid of rejection, of people not liking my work or not liking what I post to Instagram. I was afraid of failure, and of people telling me no. I now perceive all of the above as GROWTH. I’m confident enough to just shoot and love what I create with you! So, here’s a session that I revisited and re-edited from 2014. I love the connection and overall vibe between the boy, his mom and their puppy.