A recent working trip led Ben and I to a country that wasn’t on our radar yet.

As a family that is relatively new to the travel lifestyle we took the ‘risk’ of renting a car and really experiencing the beautiful country of Jamaica; despite what everyone said. I suppose we are different than many travellers and vacationers we wanted to see more than the resort (though it was great!) and truly experience the real Jamaica.

We were pleasantly surprised by the culture and gorgeous landscapes. Feeling as though we travelled back to a much simpler time with a laid back lifestyle. There is so much natural beauty in the rainforests of the Blue Mountains and Cockpit Country (Look it up HERE!). We didn’t hire a guide (everyone will tell you to) and felt entirely safe and welcomed wandering the streets, drinking locally grown coffee, talking to locals, exploring limestone caves and hiking amazing trails. We accidentally discovered our favourite restaurant while lost in the misty Blue Mountains called EITS CAFE…. everything is grown locally on the property, including the sugar you put in your coffee AND you can stay here. Every time we get lost (which is seriously a lot) we find the most amazing hidden gems that turn out to be some of our favourite places!

Driving in Jamaica was certainly challenging with lots of twists, turns, potholes and just straight up crazy drivers. Luckily my chauffeur (aka Ben) is super confident with his driving abilities and we made it out alive!

If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean I highly recommend Jamaica. Leave the resort to experience what this awesome place has to offer. You’ll have to take a few safely precautions so do your research before departure and you’ll be rewarded with an incredible experience.

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